As English is becoming a globalized language. English has become almost a necessity for people to speak and understand. Although learning English is challenging, it can be very valuable to learn and may create many opportunities. Learning English will change your life.


The Centro Cultural Hispano has been organizing ESL classes since its inception. Our previous students have come from a diverse set of backgrounds including Iran, Korea, China, Brazil, Japan, and Albania. With the input of the Adult Education Committee (the committee is made up by students of the English classes) last year we introduced a hybrid English and Computer Class. Students learn about computer basics, how to navigate the internet and how to use writing programs.

The English classes are important to students and the community, not only because they teach the language but also familiarize students with their new community. Last year we collaborated with the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library to have students learn about the resources the library provides and also register for a library card. Students are also invited to attend various community events such as the Earth Day Clean-Up, Health Fair, and other events.  

Winter-Spring 2018 classes run from

  January 16th to June 21st.

Each semester (Jan. to Jun.) is $20, 

  plus the cost of the Textbook*.

*some classes do not require a textbook.

Summer 2018 classes run July to August**.

**dates may change.


" The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding "  - Leonardo Da Vinci

Classes Begin on January 16, 2017

Promoting Learning, ​Preserving Cultures

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Centro Cultural Hispano